How I Saved Money for Travels

Sunrise in Baler, Philippines. Like I said, I bought a ticket to Asia one year in advance, just to have a clear goal. My goal was to save up 100000 SEK (Swedish Kronor) in one year, which could seem to be an impossible goal since; 1. I had no money, 2. I was working in […]

Travel Across Vietnam By Motorbike

I was sitting at the bus, on my way from Cambodia to Vietnam, when I started talking to a woman who told me that she’d been travelling across Vietnam by motorbike. It was just the beginning of my travels and I wanted to try something completely new. Something more adventurous and something more out of […]

What are you doing with your life and why?

Please, ask yourself this question.   I’ve seen too many people living on autopilot – working nine to five, eating, watching useless videos on facebook, and sleeping. Perhaps going on a week vacation once per year – all excited about showing off their perfect pictures on Instagram. Really, why? Laziness? Fear of standing out of […]